Mohammad Amin Kalantari

Experienced Quality Assurance/Quality Control expert with a demonstrated history of working in the industrial projects, especially in field of gas refinery construction. Skilled in Ansys, Quality Management, Structural Engineering, Construction, and Contract Management. Strong professional with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) focused in Coastal Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology.


Productive, progressive, innovative and forward-thinking civil engineer, who takes his best effort to predict, analyze and resolve connected issues.


Certainly believes teamwork benefits and effectively collaborates with team members to achieve the pre-defined goals of organization.


His reputable efforts, valuable hard-working and precious diligency positively preserves and protects the benefits of company/organization.


Showing serious intense in best performance of shouldered responsibilities and prompt successful completion of any referred issues.

Talented M.Sc. Graduate

Honourably qualified by Exceptional Talents Office of AmirKabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

By the same way, compliance with qualifications of Exceptional Talents Office of Tehran Payam Noor University has proudly been achieved

AUT Exceptional Talents Office

General Field Manager at IDRO

Handling and Management of General Construction Issues, Outside Battery Limit (OSBL) and Off-Plant related activities as GFM. Collabratively coordinates connected issues with relevant organizations.

IDRO Official Website

Lecturer at Islamic Azad University of Kangan

Cooperatively Laecturing at Civil & Architecture Department of Kangan Islamic Azad University since 5 years ago. Accredited Lecturer as proofed scientifically by IAU Faculty Affairs.

Kangan IAU Website

Commendation of Service, Hyundai Co.

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Safety Award, JV of TIJD


Commendation of Service, JV of TIJD


Brief Resume

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Full Resume

Master of Science in Coastal Engineering, Graduated from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

Latest Degree

General Field Manager & Civil QA/QC Manager at Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO)

Current Job

Numerical Analysis of Deformed Stiffenned Corroded Plates Behavior  with Regard to Use as The Gate of Dry Docks

Recent Publication

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Awarded Certifactes

Proudly awarded by the most honourable international companies, leading organizations and world great corporations.

Commendation of Service

Awarded by: Hyundai Eng. & Construction Co. LTD.
3rd March 2004

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Safety Award

Awarded by: Joint Venture of TEC/IDRO/JGC/DIC  (JV of TIJD)
2nd July 2008

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Certificate of Appreciation

Awarded by: Joint Venture of TEC/IDRO/JGC/DIC (JV of TIJD)
17th August 2010

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Commendation of Service

Awarded by: Joint Venture of TEC/IDRO/JGC/DIC (JV of TIJD)
17th August 2010

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Mega Projects


Years Experience



Engineering Societies & NGOs

Iranian Construction Engineering Organization (IRCEO)

Continuous Member & Certified as 2nd Grade Supervision and Execution Engineer

Iranian Association of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Senior Member

Young Researchers and Elite Club
 (Affiliated to IAU)

Continuous Member


Co-Founder, CEO and Majority Shareholder of
Sanat Pardaz Sabz Co.

Sanat Pardaz Sabz Co. was founded on 2006 as private joint-stock company. At SPSCO, we constantly strive to find and create new ways to better serve our clients. Whether it’s providing innovative planning processes, alternate cost savings opportunities, or green industry solutions, we’re always looking to maximize our contribution.


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