• Islamic Azad University of Kangan
Period: Sep. 2013 – Present

Academic Title: Lecturer

Academic Member of Civil & Architecture Department


  • Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO)
Period: May 2011 – Present

Job Title: General Field Manager – Civil QA/QC Manager

Project: Phase 14 Onshore Facilities, South Pars Gas Field Development, Kangan, Iran


  1. Leading of Civil QC Inspectors as QC Manager,
  2. Ensuring compliance of civil activities and building construction with project specification requirements and other national and international standards,
  3. Monitoring of Technical Soil Mechanic Laboratory Activities,
  4. Quality Monitoring of concrete production, conveying and placement,
  5. Quality Monitoring of Raw materials,
  6. Handling and Management of General Construction Issues, OSBL and Off-Plant related activities as GFM.


  • Joint Venture of TEC / IDRO / JGC / DIC (JV of TIJD)
Period: May 2004 – Aug. 2010

Job Title: Construction Manager of Temporary Facilities Department

Project: Phases 6, 7&8 Onshore Facilities, South Pars Gas Field Development, Asaluyeh, Iran


  1. Management of Temporary Facility activities as Construction Manager,
  2. Superintendence of civil activities of Temporary Facility section as Civil Superintendent,
  3. Management of concrete production, supply and placing coordination of 330,000 m3 of ready mixed concrete as Batching Plant Superintendent,
  4. Raw material coordination (estimation of required material quantity to purchase, delivery and stock),
  5. Concrete quality monitoring,
  6. Provision of concrete trial mix designs with economic proportion in accordance with project specification and its requirements,
  7. Daily concrete mix design adjustment considering aggregate moisture content to maintain concrete quality in compliance with project specifications requirements,
  8. Quality Monitoring of Raw Material,
  9. Supervision of physical and chemical tests of raw material and concrete related tests.


  • Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. LTD.
Period: Nov. 2002 – May 2004

Job Title: Civil Field Engineer

Project: Phases 4&5 Onshore Facilities, South Pars Gas Field Development, Asaluyeh, Iran


  1. In-charge of Condensate Tank Area, Flare Area & Unit 106 as Senior Field Engineer,
  2. Monitoring & supervision of subcontractors construction activities,
  3. Ensuring compliance of subcontractors with Project Overall, Monthly and Weekly Plans,
  4. Monitoring construction issues in order to comply with all relevant respects of project specification technical issues.


  • Pey Nam Tabriz Co.
Period: Mar. 2002 – May. 2002

Job Title: Surveyor

Project: Horand Pump Station & Detention Dam Construction Project, Ahar, Iran


  1. Tachometry of Dam located area as Leader of Survey Team,
  2. Provision of Topography Drawings in required portions


  • Pey Saz Tabriz Co.
Period: Aug. 1999 – Oct. 2001

Job Title: Field Engineer


  • Non-Concentrated Power Stations Project, Tabriz, Iran
  • Development of Tabriz Airport Transit Saloon, Tabriz, Iran


  1. Leading of construction activities,
  2. Coordination for purchasing of required materials,
  3. Quality monitoring of subcontractor activities in compliance with relevant standards,
  4. Provision of progress invoices